Library – Sharon Williams

My name is Sharon Williams and will serve as the librarian this year.  My three children are grown and are faithful, committed, and very happy Catholics.  I have been married for 30 years.  I was educated as an engineer, earning a degree from Georgia Tech.  I have worked in classical education for more than 15 years. I founded St. Michael’s Academy to teach Latin and writing in north Alabama.  I enjoy quilting and gardening and have founded a real estate investment company, Beacon Hill Homes.  As you can see, I have a wide array of interests! 

I am passionate about reading and the power of stories in the development of young minds (and old minds as well!)  I hope to help the students of St. Ann’s find excellent and interesting reading materials to expand their horizons and explore new ideas. 

I will also serve the school as a resource in classical education as we make the transition to a model of education which will serve our students and our community well.  A well educated person is interested in interesting things and knows how to learn anything well.  A well educated person is better able to discern Truth in all the ways it exists.  Ultimately, he will come to know that Truth is a Person, the Incarnate Son of God.  I want this exciting discovery for all of our students!



Contact Info:

Sharon Williams
Phone: 256.353.6543