3rd – Teresa Monastero

I feel so blessed to be a part of the educational system at Saint Ann School. It has been my life-long dream to be a teacher and I believe that this school is God’s fulfillment of many prayers for a position in the Catholic School System here in our diocese.

I believe in teaching the “whole child”; body, mind, and spirit. For the body, to keep us healthy for our journey in fulfilling Jesus’ “Great Commission”; the soul, to give us peace on our journey through the “Fruits of the Spirit” in accordance with the “Beatitudes” (Mathew 5); and the mind, for developing the academic and life skills for success in the 21st Century through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics).

I completed an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts from Fresno City College, in Fresno, CA. I recently finished my Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from The University of Phoenix with a full endorsement for SEI (Structured English Immersion).

Contact Info:

Teresa Monastero

Email: 3rdgrade@saintanndecatur.org