Elementary students (Grades 1-5) continue to build upon the foundation of the core academic programs that will prepare them for middle school. Additional emphasis begins on personal development and is introduced through the classroom and extra curricular activities.

Elementary school begins an evolution in the child’s education and a growing awareness of the presence of Christ in the Sacraments, which they are preparing to receive within the 2nd grade. They begin to learn greater autonomy and experience satisfaction in their own accomplishments. By the third grade, your child is no longer learning to read but rather they READ to LEARN. They are more responsible for their actions and academic achievements as they prepare for middle school.

During elementary and middle school our student centered interactive classrooms are designed to develop students into critical thinkers both as an individual and/or as a team.

“Saint Ann believes at this stage of your child’s life, a commitment between parents, teachers, and school administration to lead by word and example are critical to your child’s success.”

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