Pre-K Program is designed to prepare children ages 3 through 5 to enter Kindergarten. The program allows parents and children to begin the process of introducing the child to a structured environment while learning entry-level fundamentals.

A combination of stimulating books, letters, colors, puzzles, numbers are used to teach children to love learning. Prayer and playtime are also integrated into the program in order to allow children to learn to care and share with others.

Schedule Options

For three (3) and four (4) year old students, we offer Monday-Friday, excluding holidays and other scheduled off days.


Kindergarten students are introduced early (unlike many public schools) to core academic subjects. Our students are welcomed each day into a structured and nurturing environment that are designed to stimulate a child’s desire to learn and prepare them for elementary school.

Saint Ann wants to assist our parents to foster a positive self image of the child so that they can appreciate the unique person that God created. By appealing to the child’s sense of wonder and joy of learning we will share Jesus’ love on a daily basis and begin building the foundation for both academic excellence and a lifetime of faith.

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