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Hello there!

My name is Jack Lampton; I am a work in progress and a beloved son of God. I was born in Tennessee, and I’ve lived in the Huntsville area since I was in fourth grade, in 2007. I’ve been a Catholic my whole life, and have been serious about it since I was in high school. I studied Philosophy and Theology at the Catholic University of America, after which I spent two blessed years studying to become a Franciscan. In God’s sometimes-confusing-but-always- extraordinary timing, I ended formation with them and wound my way back home to Alabama, and I now head the Religious Education program at Annunciation parish, and teach religion classes at Saint Ann School.

I love the Lord, and His Church, and am passionate about the mission and success of said church: I think the salvific work of the Catholic church is the most important thing any person can participate in, and I have known for a long time now that I want the work I do to be explicitly and primarily involved in this labor. As a part of that, I am very interested in Catechesis; in that process of forming peoples’ faith lives, both intellectual and practical, in answering questions that can be answered quickly and in accompanying those which take a little longer. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or ever just want to talk about the Catholic faith; I absolutely love it.

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Jack Lampton
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