Faculty and Staff

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Saint Ann Catholic School

Saint Ann Catholic School takes great pride in recruiting our faculty to meet and/or exceed the standards in educational background, experience, and a true passion for the Catholic faith.  Our entire staff, volunteers and board members are grateful for the opportunity to work with you and your children to build a foundation for academic excellence and faith.

Please  feel free to CLICK on the faculty names below to read individual biographies or the email address to contact us directly via email.

You may reach us during normal business hours Monday-Friday, excluding holidays at 256.353.6543


Principal: Brandi Lumley
Email: principal@saintanndecatur.org
Secretary: Ludy Cerda
Email: secretary@saintanndecatur.org
Business Administrator/Art Teacher: Jenny Brown
Email: accounting@saintanndecatur.org

Teaching Staff

Kindergarten 3 & 4:  Roxana Godoy
Email: rgodoy@saintanndecatur.org

Kindergarten 5:  Mary Louise Ogle
Email: K5@saintanndecatur.org

1st Grade:  Emily Tampas
Email: etampas@saintanndecatur.org

2nd Grade: Kimberly Searcy
Email: ksearcy@saintanndecatur.org

3rd Grade:  Carmen Callahan
Email: ccallahan@saintanndecatur.org

4th Grade:  Tom Gillen – temp
Email: mgilmore@saintanndecatur.org

5th Grade: Griffin Wacker
Email: gwacker@saintanndecatur.org

6th Grade: Tyler Perkins
Email: tperkins@saintanndecatur.org

7th-8th Grade: Tanya Testerman
Email: ttesterman@saintanndecatur.org

Latin: Ashleigh Russell
Email: arussell@saintanndecatur.org

Library: Janet Morris
Email: mailto:jmorris@saintanndecatur.org

Music: Ashleigh Russell
Email: arussell@saintanndecatur.org

K3-K4 Aide: Sonia Pulido

Email: spulido@saintanndecatur.org

Reading Specialist: Mrs. Wellman
Email: dwellman@saintanndecatur.org